Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lesson IV

Well, I still can't change a tutor, so still gotta continue lessons...

J: Good morning, Katt.
K: Morning.
J: Today we'll talk something about Home Economics.
K: What!? Home Economics??
J: Firstly, we'll talk abt healthiness.
K: *growl* ok...
J: Tell you, I got a dog in my home
K: Dogs???
J: Yup, dogs. They are my friends. You know, my dogs like food with Strawberry flavour... (whole hour introduction abt his dogs)
K: Excuse me? You've talked abt your dogs for an hour.
J: Ok... So we talk abt... Speeders club
K: Er... wht????
J: I'm the advisor of this new club... Do join!!!
K: Er... ok (*think* I should ask Ani to join tht)
J: Ok, let's back to our mental healthiness, you know, we should not give ourself stress because that will make us sick so easily. Heard Master Yoda became ill these days? He shouldn't give himself too much stress... If you wanna release your stress, you should do some more exercise... *blah, blah, blah*

*lol* why not pressure washing?

K: *keep nodding though not paying attention* You're right...
J: And to keep you become even healthier, do join our HE club! *excited*
K: What?
J: Yup, HE Club and I'm serious. *looks really serious* Do join my club, ok???
K: Er... Ok...
J: Actually we got many interesting activities in this year, c'mon, let me tell you some more...*blah...blah...blah* (estimated time used: 40 minutes)
K: Well, excuse me? It's ok, you know, I juz suddenly find out tht I need to leave. So bye!! *rush to speeder*

Back to Jedi Temple

*walk straight to Master Tachi's apartment*

And I'm right, they're all here.

K: Hey! Master Tachi's apartment now becomes your playground?
F: Master Yoda gave a hint to Ani, so we gotta find again.
A: Yup. But we still can't find tht, why don't you help?
K: I told you, Ani, I don't believe it and I won't try to hurt my hands again.
O: Well, it's interesting.
K: Totally agree, but I still want my life, ok? SO DON'T ASK ME TO LOSE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!
A: *look so confused* Ok... By the way, you need Windu's angermanagement lesson?
K: *serious* Do you need me telling you how to suicide?
F: No, I won't suicide, even I am put into the pressure washing room and stay there for a whole year.
K: Ferus, it's really great. Continue and don't ask me to save you from now on.
O: Katt, you really need an angermanagement class.
K: Thanks, Master Kenobi. I'll manage that... *look at the apartment* Eh- I'm tired. Have a good day *off to sleep*

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Now I've had enough of tht

Typho, if you really want some code exercises, tell me, ok?

Lesson III

J: Joplkisdge3 (the tutor)

J: Good morning, Katt. Take out your folder.
K: Uh-Ok.
J: Nice folder *looking at the folder* I'll keep tht.
K: *shocked* Uh... Ok.
J: Let's begin our lesson. Today we'll talk about some history, and well, something about the world in the past.
K: (talking this for 3 hours???) Ah--- ok
J: Once upon a time, there was a planet called Earth, which is in another side of the galaxy.
K: *nod*
J: So we start with a myth. People there said tht there is a God who created everything...(20 minuted deleted which you can find all of them in the book called Bibble in the Library) and at last, the Sun becomes larger and larger and then Earth is melted.
K: So where's the God?
J: According to the Bibble, melting of the Earth is organized by the God. However, he moved some of the people, and moved them to another side of the galaxy, which is where we are now.
K: *nod* Yes *falling asleep*
J: Well, how come you're falling asleep?
K: Eh- did I? *mind trick* I didn't, continue your lesson

Then it comes to another 3-hour boring lessons. After a little rest, we continue...

J: You know, Katt. When I'm still young (guess it should be million years ago) my teacher juz told me about the countries in the Earth.
K: Countries?
J: Well... Juz like planets now in the galaxy... It's alright if you don't understand, it isn't the main point.
K: *smirk* Ok
J: My teacher told me tht Tonga is in Africa.
K: Excuse me. What's Tonga and Africa? You didn't tell me any of tht before.
J: That isn't the main point. Juz tht Tonga is actually in the Pacific.
K: Excuse me again, what's Pacific?
J:Well, it isn't the main point... Anyway, she makes a mistake, but she's a geography teacher!!
K: *shrug* Ok, so wht?
J: Don't you think it's laughable?
K: No *serious*
J: *stared at me* .......................................................Class dismissed.

How can I think tht it's funny or laughable if I don't even understand what he's talking abt?


I've had enough of him, I'll go and ask for changing the tutor.

*calm down* Since I've finished the "library-punishment", I went to Ani's apartment to see whether I can help anything.

K: *knock* Ani!!! Ferus!!!

Well, no one's here.

So I went to Master Kenobi's apartment

Again, no one's here

Where can they be??

Master Tachi's apartment????????????

And I'm absolutely right. They are in there, seems to be finding something.

And things are now in a mess... Can u believe tht???

This is the machine Master Tachi used for cooking coffee or stuffs similar, and now it becomes... *sigh* a rubbish

C'mon... what u guyz are doing????

F: We're finding Master Tachi's credits...

And Ferus, you'll be killed when Master Tachi's back, I'm serious.

F: because Ani say tht he doesn't believe tht he can't find the credits...

Ani, you're going to be killed too

F: And Master Kenobi said tht he's interested in Master Tachi's apartment


Holiday Part II

For Master Tachi and Captain Typho... well, they're now taking spa and I juz wanna drop anything and rush to Anison *sigh*, but of coz, based on not disturbing them *lol*

And for Ani, gotta tell you a memory for ur ... well, the issue abt Master Tachi's credits

Once upon a time, Katie (if u remember who she is) told me tht she knew where her master put her credits and therefore I tried to where my master saved her credits too (pretty silly, I know).
Since she's really busy tht time (I forgot the reason, juz tht she didn't stay in her apartment always), so I got lots of time to search every inch in her apartment *lol* and of coz, discovered many other stuffs *lol*

With unknown reason, Master Tachi knew what I was doing. She juz created an illusion and made me believe tht the credits were inside the mirror. Then mind-tricked me (ask me to take the credits)... *sigh* So I try to break the glass and get the credits (pretty crazy, I know)... that's why you can find a scar on my hand now... Juz remember tht I was hurt badly tht time *sigh*, dunno whether you're there already!?

So what you saw were probably only illusions... Guess what'd happened if you tried to get the credits based on your illusion (well, what you'll get!? Of coz not credits... *lol*). So you're suggested never try to find out Master Tachi's secrets *nice smile*.

And for Captain Typho, for the code, well, I can send you some exercises abt tht.

Plus, Master Tachi love codes.


Back to holiday...

While helping Ani to fix up his stuffs in the apartment, we made up some stories abt Master Tachi and Typho...

K: Well, Bet they're now having spa...
A: Okay, what spa is it?
K: *sigh* How do I know if I never have a spa!? You pay for my trip, ok?
A: Never.
F: Wow... Kissing in spa seems to be good... romantic, you know.
K: How come you'll know what's romantic? *look at Ani* You taught him anything?
A: Er... Not really
F: Maybe they're now sharing secrets
K: What sort of secrets???
F: Didn't you know about Master's secret with Captain Typho? *seems shocked*
K: Tell me now.

Well, for the rest, ask Ferus and don't tell any others abt tht... *gig* I dunno whether they're nice stories or truth... but anyway, ask Ferus by yourselves! *gig*

Monday, September 26, 2005

Holiday (Part II)

C'mon, my new post were disappeared!!!!!!!!! *sigh* post later (tomorrow, maybe)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Holiday (Part I)

Since I still didn't get any message from Typho and Master Tachi (except her halo message), so no comments on them...*sigh* Talking about them is really fun.

I don't have lesson today and after library studies, I went to Master Kenobi and Ferus.

K: Master Kenobi!!! Ferus!!!
O:*opening door* Halo, Katt.
K:*Smile* Halo! Eh- Where's Ferus?
O: He's in Ani's apartment, I think *yawn* Want some cheetos?
K: No, thanks.
O: Ah-right. I can't find the stuff you put here last time.
K: Eh... I asked Ferus to give it back to me already (*think* gotta mind trick Ferus)
K: See you later.

*rush to Ani's apartment*

I can't believe tht.


Do you understand --- many cheetos are now falling to my head, and now I become a Cheeto-Katt.

K: *knock* ANI!!!! FERUS!!!
F: *open door* Hey, who're you?
K: *growl* Katt.
F: *cackle* Ani, see!!!! Cheeto-Katt!!!
A: *lol* It's really funny.
K: I don't think so. By the way, where are the cheetos come from? You guyz threw them out of the windows?
F: We're playing games *looks serious*
K: It isn't funny, ani (who's still laughing) and you guyz are really crazy. Give me a towel, now.

Did I look really tht frightening? Ferus handed me a towel at once

Though I don't think tht I need it now.

It's now raining ... heavily suddenly, with strong wind

And I am in front of Ani's door, all wet

But the happiest thing is tht, Ani and Ferus are also all wet... And I bet all stuffs in Ani's door is also all wet *lol*

And now all the cheetos on me are in Ani's apartment, sticking on the wet wall and furniture


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lesson II

Since I had already paid for the whole course, I continued my lesson...

T: Had you brought your folder?
K: Oh, yes *taking out*
T: Good, no need to take it out. We won't use that today.
K: Oh...
T: Today We'll have some Geography lessons
K: Okay*wondering*
T: Had you been to other planets?
K: *nod*
T: How many?
K: *think* well, more than 20, I think
T: *shake head* Not the number you think, but the number you really did
K: Around 23
T: 23?
K: *nod*
T: Impossible
K: *shocked* Why?
T: I hadn't heard of 23 planets.

I've had enough of that

*mind trick*

K: Who are you?
T: Joplkisdge3
K: *think* 3?
T: *nod*
K: Got any meaning?
T: I dunno

so let me have a guess...

Please count by yourself --- take out the third, and the sixth, and the ninth alphabet


I found a pig as my teacher, good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, suddenly realise tht I need to attend lessons for which I applied last month... you know, there are still many things to be improved.

===Folder Lesson

Teacher: T

T: Good morning.
K: Good morning.
T: Please remember to bring a transparent... single-layered... white... clear... red... double-layered... black... invisible...folder next time
K:*lol* Ok...
T: This time we'll have English lessons
K: *nod*
T: *write on board*


T: Do you all know how to pronunce this?
K: *shocked* Master Tachi taught me this...
T: I don't care who taught you guyz before, this is my lesson
K: *shocked again* okok... *well, he becomes horse-faced*
T: Follow me, "ai"
K: what?????? *shocked* ai???? isn't "a"
T: Follow me, "ai"
K: *silent*
T: Katt, why don't you follow!!!!!?????
K: Sir, I think it's "a", my... teacher taught me "a"
T: It's "ai"
K: "a" *mind trick* "a"
T: Okay... "a"...*write again*


T: now follow me, "ba"
K: Isn't that "b"?
T: "ba"
K: *sigh, mind trick* "b"
T: ok, "b"...*write again*


... *lol* He taught from "ai" to "zu" *sigh* and a whole morning was wasted...*sigh* Gocha think again continue the lesson or not (Well, already paid for the WHOLE course) *sigh*

*sigh* No pressure washing plz

I think I gotta say something first... Well, Master Tachi did ask me to read her diary, but that's years ago, so Typho, please don't misunderstand *nod and sigh*

Anyway, I don't want 10 pressure washing for tomorrow; I'm not Master Kenobi and I got totally no interest in Pressure Washing *sigh* I prefer library, ok? PLZ !!! *beg*

Well, I bought some fresh flowers to decorate my apartment today, and they're pretty lovely!!! Also , I bought some pretty strange fruits *grin* Do u all wanna try?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Well, I juz left the shopping mall

Thinking of affair of Master Tachi and Captain Typho, I decided tht I should try not to disturb them

But can I?


*off to speedor driving*

Ferus's Cheetos

*lol* Since there's no news from Anison *wondering what'd happened to Typho* , we'll continue on our way to the pressure washing room. *sigh*

I'm again wondering that why I gotta go there... *sigh again* Anyway, I'm now standing in front of the room

Why can't I go away???

Well, Master Tachi will absolutely kill me for this

How about if she doesn't know tht?

It's impossible.


K: Master Kenobi?
O: Yes?
K: I suddenly realise tht I forgot something
F: What's tht?
K: You won't wanna know tht.
O: So you need to take it?
K: Yup... *nod* But I'd like to give a surprise for Master Tachi, so plz don't tell her, ok?
O: What's tht?
K: You'll know it later! *grin*
O: Okay *nod*
K: Ferus??
F: I don't believe tht.
K: 30 packs of cheetos for ur "padawan day" present.
F: Deal. I won't tell Master
K: Thx a lot! *run away*

*lol* I bet Master Tachi won't know tht... and I now get a free afternoon... Why not shopping??? *off to mall*

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rock Climbing Stuffs

As a former padawan of Master Tachi, I found that I still got a habit on obeying every order from her--- though it's really ridiculous, I mean, the one which asked Master Kenobi, Ferus and me going to the pressure washing room. Be honest, I don't think tht I really need tht (perhaps Master Tachi need tht, since Typho is keep looking at those attractive girls on Ansion)... *sigh* Anyway, I had gone to tht pressure washing stuff.

But I gotta do sth before going to tht pressure washing stuff.

I go to Master Tachi's apartment and found tht Ferus is not there (Well, he's in Master Kenobi's apartment, isn't he?) and therefore I went to her rock climbing stuffs directly. *evil look* I'm going to hide them in Master Kenobi's apartment *lol* or simply throw them in somewhere else in the galaxy. Haha.

I took her stuff and went to Master Kenobi's apartment. *knocking door*

K: Master Kenobi!!!!
O:*opening door* Hi, Katt. We're going to the pressure washing room, aren't we?
K: Oh, yes. Where's Ferus?
F: I'm here.
O: What are you holding, Katt?
K: Well, some rock climbing stuffs. Well, I'm going to buy a new set. Anyway, I didn't drink this morning, may I get a drink.
O: No problem.
K: *went to kitchen with the stuff* Thanks, Master Kenobi.

Then I throw the stuffs out of the windows. Who knows where are the stuffs now? And who cares?

K: Master Kenobi, we gotta be hurry. Hope you don't mind I leave my stuffs here.
O: It's ok.

We went to the pressure washing room...

O: Ah... Heard that Siri is now on Anison with Captain Typho...
K: Oh, yes. Ferus knows tht too, right?
F: *nod* So what? Master Kenobi wanna go there too?
O: *lol* Of coz not.


to be continued. *tired, off to sleep*

Friday, September 16, 2005

Big Trick

Okay, we now going to the "fire".

F: *pointing* See! There's a FIRE!!!!

Yup, it's a fire. Master Kenobi's cooking and there's fire, of coz. How can you cook without fire???

T: *furious* Ferus!!!!!
K: How can you trick your master?
O: Well, don't blame him. I ask him to do tht.
T: WHAT?????????
F: *grin* Master, Master Kenobi said that he would like to have the dinner with you, so I...
K: Ferus, so we gotta leave now.
T: WAIT!!!
K: *smile* We're not going to bother you *grab Ferus and run*

Back at Master Tachi's apartment

K: It's really Master Kenobi's idea??
F: *nod* of coz!!
K: *lol* I don't believe it.
F: *face turns red* Hmm...
K: *smile* Anyway, I gotta leave now, so maybe I bring you to the library? I dunno whether Master Tachi will come back tonight *lol*
F: *lol* Ok!!!

Well, I don't know whether Master Tachi went back to her apartment tht night or not, but I have to say that I think it's totally Ferus's idea. *lol*

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Meet Master Tachi

*lol* surprisingly found that Master Tachi and Typho are fall in love with each other now. And the thing surprised me most is that she didn't tell me about that!!!!!!!!!!! How come??????

therefore I go to Master Tachi and asked her about that. Little Ferus is also there.

T: Hi, Katt. I heard that you go shopping yesterday, why don't you go with me days before?
K: Well, I'm really sorry about that. But...
T: If you come with me, Ferus probably won't break the vase and gave it to me as a PRESENT!
K: I'm really sorry about that but...
T: It's alright. When will you go shopping next time?
K: *nearly shout* Master Tachi, can you please let me ask you a question first????
T: *nod* Ok.
K: When did you fall in love with Typho?
T: ...What? You don't know that? *surprised*
K: How will I know that if you didn't tell me?
T: ...*thinking* You're right. But how come you know it now?
K: ... Typho told me that. *nod*
T: Oh really? *giggle*
K: Why don't you tell me about that?
T: Hey, you're having examination that time! I juz don't wanna disturb you.
K: *sigh* Ok.
F: Master, master!!!!!!!
T: What'd happened, padawan?
F: The Jedi Temple's again on fire!!!!
K: Again?
T: Padawan, go check twice before you tell me that. It might not be a fire though there's smoke.
F: But I see FIRE!!!
K: But the bell should ring if there's a fire.
T: Katt's right. Don't trick me, padawan.

Ferus insisted on saying that there's a fire, so we gotta go and take a look. Be honest, I don't really believe this creative boy. *lol*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Need a talk with Ferus

As a past padawan of Master Tachi's, maybe I need to have a talk with Ferus about "What should you do when Master Tachi is going to faint" *lol*

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Master's Day

Master Tachi told me that Ferus gave her a broken vase... well, it's really creative, right?

I gave her a warm hand-made scarf and luckily she didn't faint. Juz remember tht Master Tachi fainted several years ago when I gave her a bug I took on the floor... *lol*

Well... I juz met another jedi called Emily and she's really crazy. She continued disturbing me so I gotta escape from her...*lol* I think a mind trick can help but it's difficult to use it to a jedi who got a same age with me *sigh* Gotta think of another way...

Mind trick

*lol* Met Master Tachi today and being mind tricked by her *lol* Need to be more careful next time *sigh*

Master Kenobi and Master Tachi

While wandering in the Jedi Temple, I met Master Kenobi. He told me that Master Tachi had argued with him.
K: Kenobi Ka: Katt

K: *lol* Katt, did u see Master Tachi these days?
Ka: *confused* She told me that you two met juz two days ago.
K: *sigh* Yup... She argued with me that how she calls me.
K: *nod* She's angry with me, I bet.
Ka: Didn't she faint?
K: No
Ka: *confused* Usually she faints instead of arguing...
K: Really?
Ka: *nod* What'd happened?

Then Master Kenobi ran away as quick as he can.

Hey, what's up? Can someone tell me?

Loads of stuffs

Heard that there is a hurricane in Naboo and really worried about that. Hope there is not much people got hurt or even died *sigh* how come there are so many disasters?

Ferus drove Master Tachi mad since he called her "mum". Well, may the force be with you, master Tachi.

*lol* Still don't get much work and therefore wandering in Jedi Temple. Master Yoda said that the big shoes are Ani's and surprisingly I don't find any of them this morning (got scolded?) *lol*

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Need a hand?

Well, be honest, I don't wanna hand in application letter; and I believe I don't need to do that too. There is always something strange in the galaxy, isn't it?

Well... Tell me if you need help *sigh*, don't be so cool to me... LOL I know I'm new but I'm hard-working... though I'm not rich LOL... What am I talking abt?

I can't pay the transportation fee and if u need me, can u plz pay mine first? I'll return that to you (when I got money)


I'm juz wandering in the library today... though I can't find interesting books... They are too tall for me, gotta find help from Master Tachi...


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jedi Katt

I'm now a JEDI KNIGHT!!!
THX to my master: Siri, who had got a new padawan: ferus, while I'm taking the Jedi exam!

THX to Master Tachi!

Also, nice to meet you all!