Monday, October 31, 2005


Er... Since Master Tachi asked me read some more books, I started reading dayz ago

And still not yet finished

C'mon, Master Tachi, it's juz tht you're too quick, not I'm slow *nod*

Anyway, it's reli good tht Master Tachi come back at last

----------------------------- BEing obedient is correct, sometimes

Juz tht I hate tests and essays and papers

I've attended lessons again (yup, again) and I got loads of works and million tests in these dayzzz... Then I got billion meetings.... *sigh*

I start to agree wht Master Tachi had said

Life is harsh and difficult

I hate tht
*off to meeting*

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


O thx. I got a fever... *sigh* I think I should eat less Cheetos and never go to the Cafe again... *sigh* I can't do anything but typin' my blog and also watching TV (juz finished a movie *lol*), so don't ask me to do other things and if u wanna come to my apartment to find me...

I'll never clean it before u come.


Well, after open dayzzzz... so tired and I juz simply sleep and read and sleep and didn't practise any other stuffs I should do.

After cleaning Master Kenobi's apartment, I juz thought tht everyone should think tht it's nice.

And... *sigh* A visitor juz asked if Master Kenobi tht clean in other dayzzzz....

V: Well, someone told me tht a man lives in here.
K: *nod* Yup, he's Master Kenobi.
V: He's singled?
K: *nod*you're right.
V: Well, I heard tht we come here because we can learn more about the jedi...
K: *tired* You're right *sleepy*
V: But now I juz think I've been tricked.
K: Wht?
V: I expect tht I can see the actual life of you jedi
K: You are now looking at our apartment.
V: How come a man will make his home tht clean?
K: *frown* We all cleaned our apartment...
V: So you aren't showing the actual life of yours! I'm going to complain about this.
K: What?
V: Yup, I'm going to complain this. I tell you, I'm the chairperson of welfare of ... (1000 words describing her importance for the whole galaxy are deleted)

Ok. I'm the one been complained.

I juz found out tht I can't really understand what the mad woman's thinking.

So after her complain, and got 1-hour pressure washing, I went straight to library and took all books abt Psychology (and I juz found out tht I need Master Tachi all the time--- help me takin' books).

Oh thx.

I read the books and still cannot find out how come she's tht mad and I juz finally realised tht this is not only mad, but sth else...

Need to check more books then.

I bet I'll have my meal in the Cafe in these dayzzzzz~


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busy days

Great! The centre is going to change my tutor! Juz tht I need to wait for a few days.

*sigh* Anyway, these days are so busy and I even can't come up and update my blog. *sigh* Thanks so much for Chancellor Palpatine's idea, Jedi Temple is now organizing an open day.

Yup, Jedi Temple Open Day.

One day, the Chancellor came and find Master Yoda. Seems that they don't need a private talk, since they met in the library (strange, right?) while I was searching books behind the book shelves. So I juz heard some of their conversation (you know, can't stay in one place forever, everyone knows what you're doing then)

P: Some people in the galaxy complained that the jedi made their living place into disorder and some of them claimed tht they think tht they need to know more about the jedi, and they hope tht the jedi can tell their real identity to them before asking them to help.

Y: *nod* understand, I do.

P: So some senators thought tht the Jedi Temple can be opened to public. *shake head* Of coz, it's quite impossible for the Jedi Temple to be opened to public, well... open to public means the others can go everywhere in the Jedi Temple. Therefore, I suggested tht the Jedi Temple can hold an open day, and of coz, all rooms should be opened to public, otherwise it's useless.

Y: *frown*

Well, I gotta go to other shelves, so tht I can't hear their conversation. And when I got a official notice about the open day of Jedi Temple, it's 3 days later.

And everyone in the Jedi Temple need to help, of coz. Yup, foka also need to work on it. *sigh*

*lol* Of coz, what we gotta do is not only decoration, but also other stuffs. (e.g. washing toilets, cleaning up Master Kenobi's apartment... so you guyz should understnad how busy I am)

Well... Tomorrow is the open day. So gotta off for other preparations. *sigh*

Lastly, hope tht Master Tachi and Captain Typho can back to normal *sigh* and I swear I won't laugh at them anymore if they can back to normal, ok?