Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things going difficult

*sigh* Juz read the incomplete message from Master Tachi and she didn't even leave a clue of where she's now in it

Things become more and more difficult

I don't believe that people in Anison are all so absent-minded. They can't be. Probably the bounty hunter had done something on them !? So now I know it the bounty hunter who kidnapped Master Tachi, but then I don't even have a piece of information of that bounty hunter, except the one mentioned in Master Tachi's message: Everytime he attacks before the victim know himself is the victim and he had committed some serious crimes!

But they don't help me to find him! Back to Anison, besides the place that Master Tachi and Captain Typho had been, I also asked the people in the other places in Anison. I also asked the people in the port and none of them said they remembered Master Tachi.

It seems that Captain Typho had left for Anison with Dorme, but had they arrived yet? Oh, c'mon... I gotta go to the port and wait... Hope tht nothing unfortunate had happened ...

*Mistake... It isn't Captain Typho had told Katt that he would travel with Dorme to Anison, but Katt found it out in the record of the spaceport... Thanks for Captain Typho's reminder *smile*

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Where's she?

*sigh* I've never imagined tht it's tht difficult to find a person. Anyway, I can't find Master Tachi at all. Perhaps no one knew tht she's a Jedi so no one paid attention on her? When I tried to go to the hotel they've lived, no one remember Master Tachi! Isn't tht strange?

So I tried to find Quinlan Vos, and again, I can't find him! Not even in the rock-climbing course or the hotel! No one remember him! Also, when I showed the pictures of Master Tachi and Typho and Quinlan, all people I've met said tht they don't know the 3 people!? How come? It can't be like tht! They've been in there for days and not even a single person remembers them? It's impossible!

So wht's going on now? Wht should I do? Anyone can tell me?

Friday, November 25, 2005


So Master Yoda accepted my application after I've written an application letter tht can be used as an essay demo. I told u, I hate dunno how to write letters! I never write any!

*sigh* So now I'm going to find Master Tachi, alone. Master Yoda said tht I should not be worry because the force told him tht Master Tachi has no danger.

No danger?

I believe in Master Yoda, but who knows wht'll happen next? Perhaps she's really been kidnapped or dragged to somewhere else.

So I gotta go to Anison and know where she had went, the way, and see if I can know anything which I didn't know at all

Perhaps Master Tachi didn't tell me somethings, but I won't know tht until I reach Anison, I suppose. *sigh* Reli hope tht she'll be in no danger, as Master Yoda had said.

*sigh* So of cuz I can't go to the concert which I decided to , so I got another mission --- to get a signature of the performers, but of cuz, I'll rank tht as the second thing I gotta do

Someone help me?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Memoirs of a Geisha

Well, good book which was recommended by Master Tachi before her vocation *sigh* so where's she now? *sigh* OMG!!!!!!! We do need to go and find her and I'm going to ask Master Yoda about this *sigh*

Well, for a geisha (artisan) in Japan, they got a 'elder sister' when they're still an apprentice, and this reminds me the Jedi (master and padawan), really looks the same system, you know *nod*

Well, so I gotta find Master Yoda now *sigh*

*off to find Master Yoda*

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ew... Master Tachi has disappeared.

Ok, I know tht she always disappears when she gets her job, but it is so incredible she will disappear tht suddenly before the concert which she had waited for so long. Also, she won't leave her halo-pad even things are so urgent

But now?

Where is she?



C'mon, I think she's forced to disappear! So we gotta rescue her!

Anyone hear me?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Return of Master Tachi

Well, now, after weeks, Master Tachi's back...

well, not yet, but she told me tht she'll be in front of me in these dayz

*relieved* Finally, I don't need to take care or forcing Ferus on his assignment given by Master Tachi before her vacation, be honest, Ferus still doesn't finish tht

And he's goin' to be killed in these dayz, yeah! *evil grin*

Well, my fish investigation is goin' to be done and now comes to some poor girls' lives in another planet in a corner of the galaxy. Anyway, I'll work hard on tht

Lastly, I tried to follow Master Kenobi's idea and I found tht it's impossible actually... The crowd didn't believe tht and thought tht I'm juz mad. So I juz bought the ticket the way the others do.
*sigh* and waste me lots of time.

Well, comes some information of the concert:
Name of the concert: unknown (well, it's a difficult code, better ask Master Tachi)
Performers: a concert band and some singers
Targets: ... wht I'm talkin' abt? See, Master Tachi, I told u tht there are many disadvantages to practise on typing reports!

Eh- anything I missed?


*off to my investigations *

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Heard that Master Tachi suddenly decided to come back and listen to a concert, so I got to buy the tickets for her. Master Kenobi said tht I should tell all others that I'm a Jedi and need to do something with the ticke-selling centre and ban all others from buying tickets, so I can buy the best tickets *lol* This is quite a good idea, I think.

But I'll never do tht.

Master Tachi will kill me.