Monday, December 26, 2005

X'mas Stories / Memoirs

It sounds interesting

**Directly copied from Captain Typho**

Write a fictional remembrance for the Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Wookie Life Day or...) holidays.

If your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment here on my blog with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL CHRISTMAS MEMORY of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad -- BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. And, if you feel like it, when you're finished leaving your comment, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) with the memories people create.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Well, Christmas coming and hope you all a merry Christmas. Anyway, I'm still on Anison with Sue(my colleague) buying Chrismtas presents. *lol* We are buying only chocolate and pens and some other common stuffs cuz we don't have much money. Anyway, we're now spending lots of time on the presents!

Sue told me that there are some interesting places in Anison and perhaps we're going to visit it. I really think it's a good idea but I'm not sure if I can really go there! *sigh* You think that we got snow here? Well I'm not so sure and perhaps I gotta ask Sue.

*off for shopping*

Monday, December 12, 2005

Matter comes

Firstly, I dun think that Captain Typho and Dorme are going to recognize me even I'm standing in front of them... Especially now I really look like a girl you can see anywhere in Anison. Well now, it not a problem really. As long as I can recognize him, that's alright. Perhaps it'll be even better he can't recognize me...

Secondly, I'm now staying in my colleague's home and I managed to put my stuffs in a dark corner... *sigh* though now I got a better environment, I need to be more careful not to reveal who I am in front of her. *sigh*

Thirdly, I think I'm going to have too much luggage as I've bought so much clothes *giggle* the clothes on Anison cuz clothese here are really nice *lol* and I also find many rolls of toilet papers here and perhaps I need to send some of them back to the Temple, since there is a shortage *lol* I've never thought of that.

And lastly, I really miss you all.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


*sigh* In order not to be suspected, I started working. I got a work of... calculating, you know, tht's a stupid job but I don't need to meet much people and I won't be caught because someone had recognized me during working. However, I gotta do it like the way the others do tht... It's reli troublesome... *sigh*

I'm now living in somewhere near a slum in Anison (well, seriously, there is quite a number of poor people in another continent of Anison) and the living condition is reli bad... Master Kenobi's apartment is a heaven compare with where I'm living now

I hid everything which will discover who I am such as my lightsaber in a corner in my... living place (well, I don't think this place can be called as an apartment or house or flat or whatsoever) and actually they'll be found easily if there is a professional searching team come and search here... *sigh* Anyway, I'll try my best to be a... common person you'll find in the slum. I'll be a blind spot of the police officers if I can manage it.


Actually I am worried about Ferus because he eats lots of cheetos and becoming a fat boy, a reli fat one, you know, it's reli horrible and Master Tachi will simply kill me if Ferus continue to eat in this way... Anyway, I can't help this since if I contact the Jedi Temple, the police officers will easily find who and where I am... *sigh* I'm not tht stupid and well... tell you some more later, I gotta work now

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I didn't kill

Again I got nothing... *sigh*

Yesterday I was waiting Typho and Dorme when I saw a drunk man. Holding pictures of Master Tachi and asking "have you seen her?" became my habit and so I went to ask tht drunk man.

D: Drunk Man

K: Have you seen her? *holding Master Tachi's picture*
D: *laughing* I remember this girl... I always remember beautiful girls
K: *excited* where you've seen her? When you've seen her?
D: Let me think... *going to answer me, though he got no chance*

Yup, he got no chance.

He suddenly looked shock and staring at my back, when I turned and see wht'd happened, I heard the man fell down and...

he died.

While I was still standing and be too slow to respond, a police officer comes nearby and said tht I was arrested

No, I can't be arrested, I didn't do tht. Who knows wht'd happened?

K: *mind trick* You didn't see me. No one here had seen me. I did not kill him.

And then I ran away... whenever I found people staring at me, I tried to do the same.

But I know my picture is going to be printed on the "wanted" notice

Well, it's strange, isn't it?

Anyway, I gotta leave Anison before it's too late...