Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Empty Temple

Not reli empty, but I juz can't imagine why I keep finding people setting off for different places and some even disappear without a note *sigh* I'm rather bored I'll say.
*eating Coruscant Cookies* These dayz I keep on wandering in the library to read more about the galaxy organisms and try to find more about those strange creatures I've met. However, it's quite a surprise tht not even the database got them *deep sigh* but I'll keep searching.
Back to young Ferus (Young!?), his habit on eating Cheetos make him becoming lazier of exercise *frown* You can't imagine how can he keep skipping lightsaber lessons with Soara. Point is, he told me that he had been to those lessons while Soara told me he hadn't!
Juz yesterday I took all his Cheetos away from his quarter and told him to go to the lessons. Well I'll say he's quite intelligent as he immediately "obey" my order and went away --- but to get some more Cheetos from Ani's apartment *frown* Anyway I'll bring him to lessons myself today
Except kicking Ferus to his lessons and going to library, I got a reli bad habit of scolding younglings who kept on dropping Cheetos or cookies or brownies or whatsoever on the ground. Now some of them look at me as if I'm a horrible monster in black (MIB *lol*) (perhaps I gotta change my suit... I should leave those black ones for Winter... Buy me a fashion magazine if you're free... or I should shop directly!?) Anyway, it's stupid *cough* I dun mean the syndrome which Master Kenobi unluckily got because of being whacked by Master Yoda *lol* to scold at those innocent kids. *sigh* I've to learn to control myself or I should meditate for a whole day to avoid scolding.
Well lastly hope I didn't spell anything wrong again *sigh* I was nearly beaten by Master Tachi for tht when I was small.
*off to bring Ferus to lessons*

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Blogger Barriss Offee said:

I should meditate for a whole day to avoid scolding.

Oh, just a warning that won't always work. Just thought you'd like to know.

5:12 AM  

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