Saturday, August 19, 2006


Well finally I got my quarter... a bit cleaner *sigh* A bit.
Another 'well' for I know I've been disappeared for several dayz to months to years to centuries, I've not been knowing the time and the date in the period I was lost.
Yup, I was lost. I know you're going to laugh at me. Trust me, friends, it was totally a silly mistake *sigh* Stop laughing...
You should remember that I was going to supper after contacting you guyz for the last time as an illegal passenger. What I got next was tht someone told me he/she knew where was my master... ok, ex-master, while I was cheerfully enjoying my rich dinner.
This stranger wore a yellow robe with green stripes... Strange, tht's my first impression.
Stranger = S, K = me
S: *cough* The dinner's great
K: *shocked and stared at S* Pardon?
S: I know where your master is.
K: *obviously not believing in it* Excuse me? If you're trying to trick me or whatever, I'd like to ask you to find someone else.
He/she became silent.
I took a glance but found quite an exciting fact.

I can't recognize this creature... Well I mean I don't know we got this kind of creature in the galaxy, which shouldn't happen as my ex-master had kept asking me to read information about all kinds of creatures in the galaxy including amoeba and giving me quizzes about them. By tht time, he/she was the first creature I found I knew nothing about it.

S: I know you won't believe me, but she had helped me, tht's why I know her.
K: *blink* When did she meet you?
S: A long time ago... 5 years? 10 years? 15?
K: Are you sure who had you met?

I was with Master Tachi for 10 years and I'm pretty sure that she hadn't met this stranger in this period... well not with me...

S: I've seen her being transported away from Anison. Months ago.
K: ...
S: with several guyz wearing strange clothes. Orange colour with blue spots.
K: Well strange pattern it is.
S: yup, strange...

Believe it or not, I was so stupid tht I believed tht stranger and followed him/her to another planet after getting off tht ship to the Temple. Well at one night when I was walking through a forest with him/her I was knocked off by something I didn't know at all... I should have sensed it but instead I felt confused and the force was apparently disturbed. I felt unconscious and when I woke, I found the stranger's body besides me, dead.

I consider him/her dead as I found her body seems to be decomposing... You may say it's not tht stranger at all as he/she might kill something else and put the clothes on it, but I did study how those creature I've known decomposed... Did I make it too complicated? But tht's wht my ex-master had taught me, too. Out of syllabus, perhaps(well Ani's deep understanding on machines is obviously out of syllabus) And I've never seen this kind of decompose... I was shocked as... I found tht body seems turning to a kinda yellowish-green liquid... or fluid... well... and I ran away... and I found the forest seems edgeless... I can't reach the boudary of it, not even with the help of the force... I bet it's because I know too little about it...

Trees, trees and trees. I don't know how long I've used to finally get rid of tht mysterious forest. I walked a long way to reach the port and got on another ship to the Temple. Point is, I STILL can't find my ex-master. *sigh*


Wait... where's Ferus?
Does he know where is Master Tachi?

*off to looking for Ferus*

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